Gamma Zeta Sorority

Obituaries from February 1958 Alumni Magazine

February 1958

Miss Sarah Gere Yocum, class of 1891, died December 9 in New Orleans.  Yocum painted many articles which she presented to the College, as well as much china which resides in the Dickinsoniana Collection.  Mrs. Helen Horn Jordan of Wilkinsburg, Pa., of the class of 1897, died December 15 in Bedford County Memorial Hospital.  A native of Carlisle,  Jordan was a member of the Gamma Zeta Sorority and the Harman Society while at Dickinson.  She had a "life-long interest in Dickinson and was a Life Member of the General Alumni Association."

Gamma Zeta Sorority in 1897 Microcosm


The 1897 Microcosm displays another women's sorority on campus, Gamma Zeta. It was a local sorority founded in 1896 and this is the only time it appears in Dickinson College's records. Its members are as follows: Anna M. Geiger and Helen R. Horn from the class of 1897, Marie E. Lloyd from the class of 1898, Bertha Clough and Lucia C. Hargis from the class of 1899, and finally Jessie W. Hargis from the class of 1900.