Curran, Mary

A Series of Early Women's Physical Education Photographs, circa 1888

circa 1888

This series of five photographs depicts early female Dickinsonians in a physical education class. The women use various forms of equipment in the photos. The photo pictured on this page lists the names of the women and it appears that the same women are in each image.

Mary Ranck Remembers Influential Women and Professor Prettyman

January 15, 1955

Mary A. Ranck, 1907 alumni, recalls her memories on Dickinson College in the 1955 Alumni Questionnaire. Mary Ranck remembers the German Professor, William Prettyman, urged her "to do advanced work in German," which she did while studyting at the University of Berlin in Germany. In 1914, Mary Ranck received an A. B. in German and in 1924 she received an A. B. in History and a teaching degree from Columbia University. She also remembers the Misses Morgan, McIntyre and Mohler who had "a very splendid influence on us girls" due to their "excellent talks at our Y. W. C. A.

Photograph Circa 1887 of Early Co-Eds at Dickinson College and Preparatory School

c. 1887

This photograph is a group picture of early female students of both Dickinson College and the Preparatory School from circa 1887. The women included in this picture are Zatae Longsdorff '87, Mary Curran '88, Hildegarde Longsdorff '88, Elizabeth Bender '88, Mary Evans '89, Alice Kronenberg '89, Mary Himes '89, Jennie Taylor '89, Jessica Longsdorff '91, Elizabeth Low '91, Lenora Whiting '91, Wilhemina Scarborough '91, and Sarah Yocum '91.

Commencement Speech Includes Comical Characterization of Classmates

July, 1888

The July 1888 Dickinsonian discusses the occurrences and speeches given at the 105th commencement of the senior class. One of the speeches includes humorous and bogus gifts for each of the members of the senior class. For the women, such as Hildegarde Longsdorff, she would receive the gift of a ballot box for her "strong opinions on Woman's Suffrage." Another female classmate, Elizabeth Bender, would receive a marriage certificate because of what is in store for her future.