Sellers, Ruth

May Day Festivities Including Costumes

May 1, 1914

Original photograph of Ruth Sellers '15 (in white), Clare Filler '18 (in pantaloons), Josiah Luther Neff '15 (with cape) during May Day Festival on Dickinson College campus.

"Personals" - What Now? [Part 7]

February 1926
  • Gertrude Super Curtis, class of 1902, went on to teach French and English in the High School, Santa Ana, CA.
  • Georgia M. Cranston, class of 1906, had to resign her position in the Yonkers High School because of ill health and spent the winter of 1925 in St. Augustine, FL.
  • Mary S. Maust, class of 1910, and her husband Grathwohl C. Curran (of the same graduating class) left on a trip to Cuba on Feb. 3, 1926.