Biddle Field

Enjoying the Game


This image depicts a female Dickinsonian enjoying an athletic event. The image was found in the 1906 yearbook and was printed with color.

Women's Physical Education Experiences in the Late 1960s

March, 1979

A female graduate of the class of 1969 elaborated about her physical education experiences at Dickinson in her "Women as Leaders" survey. While at Dickinson, she participated in Field Hockey out on Biddle Field, which she commented that it seemed much too far away for them. The graduate also had a squash class that was in the courts that were attached to the math building that "had a lump in the floor. She had a square dancing class in the gymnasium and golf on the lawn near Drayer.

Women's Track and Field Outshines Men at the 1985 Western Maryland Relays

April 6, 1985

The Women's Track and Field team placed second at the Western Maryland relays and outperformed the men's team, which placed fifth out of the nine teams competing at the event. According to the Dickinsonian article by Tom Speranza, Coach John Cantalupi was pleased with the outcome, especially given that "some of his runners did not compete." The women's team set a new school record against Franklin and Marshall College in the 4x1600 meter relay with runners Julie-Lynn Wirth, Linda Grant, Linda Reinman, and Helen Turner.