Dickinson School of Law

"The Co-Eds, Et Al."


"The Co-Eds, Et Al." is a humorous poem on how co-education changes education in the law school. These women who are studying to become lawyers alongside the men cause them to study and work hard to impress them. Unfortunately for them, the women there are not striving to win a man, but "rather to have a professional name." The poem then goes on to praise each of the five women who are studying law with them and wishes them the best of luck in the future.

Second Woman to Enter Dickinson Law...7 Years Later


7 years after Sara Marvel entered the Dickinson School of Law in 1899, Dolly O'dea is the next woman to go to law school in 1906. As a Junior Class Officer, Dolly is the secretary. Nothing further is mentioned about her in the 1906 Microcosm.

First Woman at Dickinson School of Law


According to the 1899 Microcosm, Sara Marvel is the first woman to attend the Dickinson School of Law. She not only attended the law school, but also served as the Junior Class secretary.

Another Dorm for Women

September 21, 1961

An article in The Dickinsonian reported that the college planned to build another new dormitory for women over the next two years, beginning in February.  The financial vice-president, Dr. Shuman, explained that the building was made possible by a $675,000 government loan.