Hann, Victoria K.

1955 Microcosm lauds new Dean of Women


The 1955 Microcosm lists Victoria Kathryn Hann as the new Dean of Women and lauds her as an "ideal Dean of Women" who is enthusiastic, efficient, has a "winning manner," and understands "women students and their problems."

Welcoming Letter from Dean Hann

August 10, 1956

In a letter to the incoming freshmen women of 1955, Dean of Women Victoria K. Hann, extends her greetings, congratulations, and offers her support to the incoming female students. This welcoming letter is the first page in "Inside Information," an informational guidebook published by the Dean of Women's office. Dean Hann outlines the contents of the guidebook, writing "this booklet is sent to you in the hope that some of your questions can be answered before you get here." Inside Information was sent to the homes of incoming freshman female students prior to their arrival.

Inside Information, 1955

August 12, 1955

"Inside Information" is the first guidebook published by the Dean of Women office in 1955.  This guidebook provides rules and regulations for dormitory life, guidelines for social life, proper dress and manners, suggestions for academic success, information on sororities, and independents. "Inside Information" was sent to freshmen students prior to the start of the academic year.

Chi Omega in 1950


Chi Omega, the second national women's fraternity installed at Dickinson, gave its members opportunities to participate in a variety of social and service activities in 1950.  Like other organizations on campus, the women of Chi Omega supported the war effort by sponsoring a French orphan named Marie Claire Geoffrey.  In addition, they volunteered their services at the Carlisle Community Center.  Social events such as the Pledge Dance and Spring Formal were highlights of the year.  The following members served as officers: Victoria K. Hann, president; Marilyn A.