Patriot News

Dickinson Student Comments on Controversial Events

November 5, 1999

In this article from the November 5, 1999 Dickinsonian, a student considers the pros and cons of such controversial events as "Take Back the Night" and the "March Against Hate."

1985 'Mothers and Daughters' Performance announced in Harrisburg Patriot

March 11, 1985

This article, in the March 3, 1985 edition of the Harrisburg Patriot tells of The Little Flags Theater's upcoming performance of "Mothers and Daughters" in the Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium, sponsored by the Women's Center in conjunction with the Central Pennsylvania Consortium's annual Women's Studies Conference.

Christine Crist Works as General Reporter for the Patriot News

Fall 1990

In an interview, Christine Crist (Class of 1946) recounts her experience working for The Patriot News after she graduated from Dickinson College. She worked for the morning paper of The Patriot News during the summer of her junior year and, after she graduated, became the only general assignment woman on the staff not assigned to the social department. During this period, protective laws for women prevented Crist from getting reporting assignments after 10 o' clock because she could not work overtime like the men on the staff.