Prescott, Ann L.

The Mid-Winter Ball

January, 1951

The Mid-Winter Ball was an annual college event, where a "queen and her attendants are elected by the student body." The highlight of the dance was the actual crowning of the queen. The queen's responsibility was to "rule over the ball." In 1951, Ann Prescott won the title of queen at the Mid-Winter Ball.




1951 Campus Beauties


While the 1950 Microcosm reverted to the practice of outsourcing the judging of "campus beauties," the 1951 editorial board of the Microcosm selected four coeds "as outstanding beauties of the college" and refused to name one of the coeds as queen. These coeds included: A. Blythe Barnes, Ruth A. McCoid, Ann L. Prescott, and Drue R. Stewart.

Pi Beta Phi in 1953


In 1953, Pi Beta Phi members held a full schedule of scholastic, social, and philanthropic activities. They continued to support their settlement school in Tennessee and they also assisted a struggling German family through connections with one member who was studying abroad there. They also sponsored the annual Pledge Formal, Pledge Tea, Spring Formal, and Spring Tea. The group was led by Ann L. Prescott, president; Shirley J. Chase, vice president; Julia T. Yoshizaki, secretary; and Caroline T. Rhodes, treasurer.