Men's Senate to Represent the Whole Student Body?

October 18, 1934

In an editorial in the October, 1934 Dickinsonian, the author reports that an old question of whether or not the Men's Senate should have power over the entire student body, has arisen once again. "Women, as well as men," argues the author, "contribute to the budget," as well as other aspects of college life, that often times, the Men's Senate are responsible for. "If it is admitted that the Men's Senate should NOT legislate for the entire campus," says the author, "consideration for an all-College Senate must follow." The author believes that an all-College Senate is desirable and that "much good would come of...a governing body which would draw its membership from all parts of the student body."

Location of Document in Archives
Dickinsonian October 18, 1934, vol. LXIII, no. 4