The Social Situation: For the Guidance of Dickinson Women

c. 1943

Found in Marion Bell's personal scrapbook from her years at Dickinson College (1941-46), this document of six pages outlines female regulations in dress and socialization in games, bars, dancing, and dining, with a special section regarding social possibilities on Sundays. It also includes rules regarding curfews, tardiness, noise disturbances, and distinctions between freshman women and upperclassmen not "on rules- those having a 75 average." It even provides a section for transfer students. House regulations on page 5 make things clear in regards to the call bell, the parlor, the social room hours, the use of hairdryers, times for washing and ironing, and visitors. All these rules and regulations were put into place because of Dickinson's "traditions ...of the scholar gentleman in service to humanity."

Examples of Rules and Regulations

Couples "Couples may walk on the main-travelled streets of Carlisle as far as the paved sidewalks extend. For this women must be in correct street attire."

Bars. "From the date when this instruction is made public no woman student of Dickinson College will be permitted to visit bars. This means that no matter how she is escorted or whether she drinks or not, she must not enter a bar where liquor is sold."

Sunday Morning Social Possibilities "There is to be no type of social activity planned for Sunday until after one thirty on Sunday afternoon. This means either with or without masculine participation."

In the Social Room; "Dancing is permissible except during study hours and Sundays"

Location of Document in Archives
Marion Bell Scrapbook