Concerning Automobiles

circa 1945

"Concerning Automobiles" lists the rules and regulations governing female students and transportation. No women who lives in a dorm on campus was permitted to keep a car in Carlisle unless speical permission was granted. This was to ensure their safety and prevent automobile accidents involving students. However, female students were allowed to ride in automobiles during the day without permission if the distance was short and the trip was for less than an hour. If the trip required more than 1 hour, upperclass students (referring here, it seems, to women) would most usually receive permission. However, a freshman student would only be able to make this same trip if there was an older women in the car. Regardless of year status or age, no woman would be granted permission to ride in a car with no other women present. If the trip was to be going swimming, two couples were generally required to receive permission. If a trip required most of the day, permission was needed from the parents of all involved, two women had to be going, one of which was older or an upperclasswoman, and the place and time had to be specified. More specifically, if a faculty member or family member was driving, permission from home was not necessary. For long distance driving or at night, the student had to have permission, two women in the car (one older / upperclassmen), as well as all the regulations regarding time and place.

Location of Document in Archives
Unprocessed 1944-45 Dickinson College Coeducation, Rules and regulations (Dean of Women Archives)