Dining- Formal and Informal

circa 1945

This packet provides information about etiquette for female Dickinsonians in all aspects of dining, from invitations and thank yous, who pays etc.,  to the physical act of eating itself. The graphic here demonstrates how women should act when ordering at a hotel:


"When a man takes a woman to a hotel as his guest, he does the ordering. The man does it, both because he wants to save her the trouble and because she cannot be expected to know how much he is prepared to spend. As soon as they are seated, he should procure a menu card and select the items, asking the woman as he goes along, whether she likes this or that. She should be as helpful as possible and frank about her likes and dislikes. A woman should always be considerate about a man's money and he should avoid pretence."

Location of Document in Archives
Unprocessed 1944-45 Dickinson College Coeducation, Rules and regulations (Dean of Women Archives)