The Board of Trustees Discusses the Admission of Women with the Faculty

June 27, 1878

At the previous meeting on June 27, 1878, the Board of Trustees decided to adopt a resolution allowing women to enroll at Dickinson College. They then sent the resolution to the Faculty for approval. After looking over the resolution, the Faculty agreed that the admission of women was not in the best interest of female students. According to the faculty, "there are certain proprieties & adaptations that can not be overlooked. That the actual extension to females, in connection with males of the education facilities to which they are equally entitled they must be protected their association from all that might be indelicate." As recitation and classes were often held in men's dormitories, the Faculty agreed that it would be inproper for women to be exposed to such enviornments. Moreover, they agreed that it would not be in the best financial interest of the college to make adjustments when there were no women at the intitution. At the close of the meeting, the Board of Trustees decided to create another committee on the admission of women to Dickinson College.

Location of Document in Archives
Trustee Minutes 1874-1892, vol. 6