Presidents' Council Minutes: Big Changes to Dis 'N Data

April-May 1962

During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meetings of April 18 and 25 and May 16 1962, significant changes were introduced to the Dis 'N Data (women's handbook for social rules/dorm regulations):

April 18

  • Dis 'N Data: "Work proceeded on revision of next year's Dis N' Data.  
  1. House Direcctors raised the question of the necessity of Sunday late hours. It was decided by the Council that this was a worthwhile rule. 
  2. Page 9 -- The section on weekend overnights requiring special permission from the Dean was changed to apply only to freshmen. In accordance with this change, the second paragraph under PAREITAL PERMISSION will read: "Before granting OVERNIGHT permissions, the health, academic progress and the deportment of the student are considered . . . " 
  3. Page 8 -- An addition was added to the first paragraph under LATE HOURS: "Seniors may take half hour late hours on week nights, the total not to exceed 5 hours each semester regardless of the number carried over to second semester.

April 25

  • "It was decided that the section in the Dis N Data on clothes, manners, etc. that had been put in a separate booklet several years ago, be kept in this separate form but perhaps changed in format. Carol Lindstrom will work on the booklet this summer".

May 16

Changes to Dis N Data: 

  • 1. OVERNIGHT GUESTS, P. 11, Changed to read "Girls may have guests of student age in the dormitory. 
  • 4. SMOKING, P. 12, Changed to allow smoking in the dining halls after dinner with the exception of Metzger. 
  • 7. PROPER DRESS, P. 13, "sneakers, loafers and socks" were omitted from lab and exam wear because they are worn daily. 
  • 11. HOUSEKEEPING, P. 14, Addition to final paragraphs "Freshmen are asked not to bring more than two stuffed animals for their rooms."





Location of Document in Archives
RG 8/103 Women's Interdormitory Council, Box 1 Folder 2