A Female Graduate of the Class of 1923 Described Herself as an Activist While Attending Dickinson College

March 1979

In her 1979 Women as Leaders Survey sent out by Dickinson College, a graduate of 1923 remembers her days at Dickinson. When asked about the issues of the day, the alum remembers, "our topic of debate was the Equal Rights Amendment."

She goes on to recall the anger at there being two senates: a women's and a school senate run by men. To protest the issue, a group of women attended the men's senate.

Moreover, the alum remembers trying to abolish the sorority system. She explained that "While I was in college there was some feeling about the exclusiveness of the sorority system... We started a move to have them disbanded but did not get very far because the alumnae and national organization came to the rescue and our democratization of the women failed."

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Women as Leaders Survey, 1920