A Young Man's Fancy

August 1962

"...and that's what you are!" A Young Man's Fancy is a section in "Inside Information," a guidebook for women published by the Dean of Women's Office, that provides suggestions to women on "respectable dating." This section offers suggestions on appropriate date clothing (which should be neat and clean-at all times), suggestions on proper behavior (that will ensure a great report to his friends), and suggestions on suitable social graces. A Young Man's Fancy stresses to female students that their "rating in the eyes of the male Dickinsonians depends very much on your individuality." This section continues by offering other tips on social behavior (such as good manners and politeness) when interacting with professors and their wives. They encourage the female students to remember that "there is nothing duller than a carbon-copy coed!" so be yourself!

Location of Document in Archives
RG 5/99 Dean of Educational Services: Series 21, Box 2, Folder 20