"Personals" - What Now? [Part 5]

May 1924
  • Margaret Saxton, class of 1900, went on to teach modern languages in the Julia Richman High School in NYC.
  • Mary C. Love, later married to a Mr. Collins, was member of the graduate class of 1902. She became a Kentucky lawyer and national executive head of the Chi Omega Fraternity.
  • Laura Harris was a non-graduate of the class of 1908. She married Major E.D. Ellis and agreed to move to Cambridge, MA for two years when he was offered a detail as a student in the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.
  • Dr. Julia Morgan, class of 1911, moved to Tsiananfu, Shantung, China where she taught at the medical school of the Christian Union University.
  • Helen Jones, class of 1917, was a speaker at the monthly missionary service of the First M. E. Suncay school in Trenton, NJ (1924).
  • Charlotte Schinder, class of 1921, was married in August of 1923. She then got a job with a music establishment in Paris, where she was required to know and use four languages.
  • Beulah Fair, class of 1922, moved on to work with the Y. W. C. A. at Annapolis.
  • Helen C. Strayer, class of 1922, became a medical student at Johns Hopkins.
  • Eleanor Fulkerson Stevenson,class of 1923 at the Dickinson School of Law, was the first woman registered in Dauphin County as a law student. She was to practice law at Philadelphia.
  • Margaret H. Paul, class of 1924, was engaged to marry Otis G. Sawyer. (She was a member of the girls' basketball team for four years - and captain during her last year).
  • Mary Watkins Davies, class of 1924, was married to Bryon Weston on February 12 1924.
  • Helen C. Notestine, class of 1924, was engaged to marry Paul C. Moser.


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