Easy-on-my-pocket Week

March 9, 1944

The Dickinsonian reports that the Pan-Hellenic dance, chaired by Ellen Morrow, would be scaled back from previous years. According to the president of the Pan-Hellenic Council, Elinor G. Derr, they would not hire a professional interior decorator and would use records for music. The dance would be  Pan-Hellenic Week's only all-College event. In other years, women's organizations sponsored fraternity parties, a tea-dance, and other social events, and The Dickinsonian claims that men of the college referred to the week as "easy-on-my-pocket week." The article quotes Derr as saying, "There's nothing to prevent a girl's buying a boy a coke that week--if she can find the boy."

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Dickinsonian March 9, 1944