Dean of Women's Office Offers Dating Advice to Female Students

August 12, 1955

Included in "Inside Information," a guidebook published by the Dean of Women's Office, are a list of dating suggestions for women. According to the guidebook, the way a young woman "regards adults will give her date an idea of the kind of person she is." Suggestions include, using "your best dating manners from the very begining. Start each date on the right note by being prompt, neat and clean. Because a fellow likes to think that his date is just slightly special..." Female students are cautioned to be themselves because "their rating in the eyes of the male Dickinsonians depends very much on your individuality." Other suggestions in the guidebook encourage female student to display their best behavior and attitude, particularly during the first few weeks of school.

Location of Document in Archives
RG 5/99 Dean of Educational Services: Series 21, Box 2, Folder 20