From the Educational Institution to the Institution of Marriage


The 1908 Microcosm notes that two fellow junior classmates, Chalmers Stuart and Ethel Prouse were married on April 2, 1907. Ethel Prouse had been a "co-ed at the institution for the past three years" and had classes with Chalmers Stuart. The couple had "met about three years ago as classmates" and now has married. On a different subject, the short paragraph on the couple mentions how Stuart used to be the night watchman for Lloyd Hall and had "gained glory for himself on the memorable night of attempted burglary, when he quieted the panic-stricken girls."

Symposium Investigates 'New Morality'

January 18, 1966

The 1966 Public Affairs Symposium, writes Barry Rascover in an article in The Dickinsonian, would investigate the "rapidly changing value system of today's generation" from February 6-9. Rascover emphasized Betty Friedan and Evelyn Duvall's dialogue on "Feminine Fulfillment in a Changing Morality" as the highlight of the symposium. While Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique in order to critique the myth of marital bliss, Dr. Duvall defended premarital chastity and consulted to social and religious agencies.

Married Students Exchange Ideas

March 13, 1964

An article in The Dickinsonian entitled "Married Students Exchange Ideas at First Group Social" reports that Dickinson students are following the trend of other college campuses by marrying in increasing numbers. In 1964, 20 married students attended classes. Married students at Dickinson formed the first social group, and couples took turns entertaining each other. Many of these students reported academic and social benefits from their marital status.

Safety Pinned

November 22, 1963

In The Dickinsonian, the "Twinings" sections lists couples who have become pinned or engaged. This issue of newspaper also features those who have been "safety pinned." In this case, Darla and Bill Paterson gave birth to Scott William.


October 4, 1963

Under a section entitled "Twinings" in The Dickinsonian, the editorial staff listed campus marriages, engagements, and pinnings.

Galoshes! and Dating

October 5, 1962

A reprinted article from February 11, 1922 in The Dickinsonian's celebration of the college's 90th anniversary described the "love code" of galoshes, saying that many women at the college indicated their stages of "fastenedness" or "unfastenedness" based upon the number of buckles they left open or closed.

No buckles open = married

One buckle open = I am not looking for a sweetheart

Two buckles open = Engaged to be married

Three buckles open = Not engaged to be married

Four buckles open = Have a sweetheart, but not engaged

Alumni Notes - Class of 1922

May 1927

Helen E. Scott and Raphael E. Rupp were both Dickinson graduates of 1922. They were married on April 9, 1927 at the home of the bride's uncle (Dr. C. W. Moody) in Plainville, CT. The newlyweds moved to Methuen, MA.

Dickinsonians who attended the wedding ceremony included: Albert Berkey (1922); Lillian Mindlin (non-graduate of 1923) - wife to Philip E. Semel; Edith M. Robinson (1922) - wife to E. O. Leslie; and Louise Rupp (1919).

Alumni Notes - Class of 1921

May 1927
  • Sara Kathleen LeFevre, class of 1921, was from Carlisle, PA. She announced her engagement to John McCrosker Horner, of Harrisburg, when they attained a marriage licence in New York. They were to marry at the Little Church Around the Corner in New York City. The marriage ceremony would was set for some time in June of 1927 (a month or so after getting the license).

Alumni Notes - Class of 1912

May 1927
  • Lottie Myers graduated with the class of 1912. She later married Mr. Lowe G. Rasmussen and had five sons. She and her sons spent several months with her parents in Carlisle early in 1927 hoping to stick around until Commencement. Her home was in Estlin, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Alumni Notes - Class of 1902

May 1927

Edith A. Cahoon, class of 1902, married Arthur C. Bolte. During the winter of 1926, she spent much of her time at Wellesley visiting with her daughter, a student at Wellesley College, MA.