Person, Nancy

Student Government Reorganizes to Meet New Dormitory Needs

c. 1942

Circa 1942, The Metzger Council divided itself into three new councils in addition to a fire drill committee to better provide for Dickinson's female students. A fire drill committee was created of Helen Kretschmar, Arline Mills, Nancy Tatnall, and Nancy Person in which regular drills would be planned.

1945 Staff of the Dickinsonian


The 1945 Microcosm lists the editor-in-chief of the Dickinsonian as Nancy Person. Similar to 1944, the staff was dominated by female students in 1945 as the World War II continued to place strains on human resources at the college. Marjorie M. Arnold was the Business Manager for 1945.

Women Take Over Dickinsonian in 1944


In the 1944 Microcosm, the Dickinsonian is staffed mostly by female students with Kathleen Briner as the editor-in-chief. The 1943 Microcosm reveals that the Dickinsonian had mostly male students on its staff as well as a male editor-in-chief. In 1944, the description for the Dickinsonian cites the difficulties the staff faced due to wartime shortages and their efforts to send copies of the newspaper to Dickinson's servicemen.

Nancy Person Named Editor-in-Chief

April 27, 1944

The Dickinsonian reports that Nancy Person was elected as its next editor-in-chief and Marjorie Monroe as its next business manager at the Editorial Board Meeting of April 18, 1944. The article lists the students' previous experience with journalism: both students worked on newspaper staffs during high school and served on the Dickinsonian prior to their election.