Female Student Brought Before the Senate for "Improper Dancing"

February 18, 1924

The February 18, 1924 minutes for the Women's Senate documents the case of a female student brought before the senate to be reprimanded. The student in question was reprimanded by the President for "improper dancing at the last Kappa Sigma dance." Dean of Women, Josephine Meredith, was consulted about the proper punishment for the student's improper behavior. The Women's Senate "expressed themselves as against any improper dancing among Dickinson girls." Any punishments for the student's behavior were not mentioned in the minutes from this meeting.

Pledge Formals and the Ladies of Metzger Hall

April 1963

Barbara Wishmeyer, the Dean of Women for the Academic Year 1962-1963, included photographs of her female students in her scrapbook of their pledge formal attire during the sorority rush/pledge spring season. Women had the opportunity to pledge Chi Omega, Phi Mu, Pi Beta Phi, and Zeta Tau Alpha. In these photographs from top to bottom are:

Peggy McBee

Doris Detweiler '66

Carol Frey '66

Ann Davis

Elisabeth Lane '66

Lori Shimer

Dean Meredith is Criticized by Unknown Person for her Decision on Dances

February 18, 1920

An unsigned letter, dated February 18, 1920, to Dean Meredith comments on her communication with Dean Filler about the decision to allow, or not, the female students to go to the public dance. The unnamed writer criticizes Dean Meredith on her decision to possibly allow the ladies to go on the fact that the girls had in the past been allowed to go to such dances.

Dean Meredith Debates Denying Females to Dances

February 16, 1920

A letter between the Dean of Women, Josephine Meredith, and Dean Filler discusses the allowance, or denial, of female students requesting to go to certain local dances. Gertrude Chrisman was noted as requesting to go to a dance in Harrisburg with a Mr. Duffy, but is to be denied by Dean Meredith because "no men in that Fraternity are regular callers at this house." Another dance that Dean Meredith makes mention of is Mrs. Parker's dance, where about eighteen of the female students were invited.

Formal Occasion

c. 1935

Shown here in the alumni gymnasium is one of the many formal dances that took place on campus.  From the looks of the decor and garb, the photo is most likely from one of the spring formals, and perhaps circa 1935.

The Annual Doll Show Dance, 1915


This photograph depicts students attending the Doll Show Party, an
annual charitiable event on Dickinson's campus. Many of the women in the photo are clad in men's clothing.

The Mid-Winter Ball

January, 1951

The Mid-Winter Ball was an annual college event, where a "queen and her attendants are elected by the student body." The highlight of the dance was the actual crowning of the queen. The queen's responsibility was to "rule over the ball." In 1951, Ann Prescott won the title of queen at the Mid-Winter Ball.




That desirable glow

December 8, 1961

An advertisement in The Dickinsonian for the Hazel Hoyaux Beauty Salon reads "Girls: Even-Tan Sun Lamp before the dance gives you that desirable glow."

Zeta Tau Alpha in 1958


Zeta Tau Alpha's members maintained an active schedule of social and philanthropic activities in 1958.  They continued to support their traditional philanthropy dedicated to cerebral palsy through the annual Songfest and they additionally held Christmas party with Phi Delta Theta for underprivileged children.  Social activities included a bazaar called "Santa's Workshop," Big and Little Sisterhood events, as well as teas and formals for the seniors and pledges.  The Beta Beta chapter also entertained a national officer during her week-long visit to the college.