Biddle House

Presidents' Council Minutes: Improper Dress, Expulsion and Smoking

January 31, 1962


During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meeting of January 31, 1962, the issue of "improper dress" was raised and it was mentioned that two girls had been forced to leave Dickinson (expelled) after being out of their dorm overnight without permission. In addition, it was decided that a change in smoking policies for women was not necessary: 


President's Council Minutes: Concerns Over Class Trips/Lateness to the Dorms

November 1, 1961

During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meeting of November 1, 1961 the issue of women arriving back late to their dorms due to a class trip was discussed and the question of excusing the "late minutes" was raised, as was possible actions to avoid a similar situation:

President's Council Minutes: Curfews and Late Hours

October 11, 1961

During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meeting of October 11, 1961 specifics of women’s curfews and the possibilities of taking “late” hours was discussed and debated. Drayer and Biddle Halls put forth dorm specific suggestions:

"Correction to October 4 minutes: When a girl has signed up for two late hours and arrives back at the dorm 19 minutes or less after the first late hour is up, she may take the extra minutes as late minutes rather than take the second late hour.

Biddle House, Another Dormitory for Women

circa 1945

Biddle House was formerly the home of Edward W. Biddle, a Dickinson College alumnus and trustee. The building was purchased by the college on December 14, 1946 for about $25,000. The first use of it was as a women's dormitory in the 1940s.

1958: A "Coming Out" Year for Sui Generis


The 1958 Microcosm entry on Sui Generis, a new local sorority established in 1956, noted that the group "formed a close bond of friendship and have made this the 'coming out' year."  The women worked with their faculty advisor, Miss Christian Royer, to create their pin, decorate their new rooms in the basement of Biddle, draw up their constitution, and choose their official colors of dark blue and light blue.  Sui Generis was also became a voting member of the college Pan-Hellenic Council this year.  Like other women's fraternities on campus, Sui Generis supported various campus philanthrop