Bowers, Edna

The 1908 Annual Banquet of Graduate and Undergraduate Women of Dickinson College

June 9, 1908

Anna M. Bacon's scrapbook from 1906-1908 displayed a copy of the program from the "Annual Banquet of Graduate and Undergraduate Women of Dickinson College." The event included toasts on different aspects of the college life, from Lloyd Hall to Civic Duties. The program shows that the committee for this event included these women: Elizabeth Low (Class of 1891), May Hull (Class of 1903), Mary Thompson (Class of 1896), Isabel Goldsmith (Class of 1904), Anna C.

?, A "Questionable" Show


The 1910 Microcosm comments upon the show that the women of the college were to put on. All of the advertisements, tickets, etc., were punctuated with question marks, leaving the theme of the show open to much speculation by its audience. The program declared that the entertainment was to be presented by the Y.W.C.A., which some men thought it meant "Young Women Can't Act" but were made to think differently. The first act was a comedic piece titled "Mrs. Oakley's Telephone" about the many conversations between various characters that takes place on this one telephone.

"The Freshman-Sophomore Co-ed Rush"


"The Freshman-Sophomore Co-ed Rush" is a humorous piece in the 1909 Microcosm that pokes fun at the tensions between the Freshman and Sophomore classes. The fight between the two classes broke out because of a Freshman singing and playing a song about their class pride. This causes an outrage amongst the Sophomores and a fight between all the women then ensues. Freshman and Sophomore women are ripping out hairpins and combs, carrying others away and pinning them against the wall. After some time, the Dean of Women, Mrs.