Omicron Delta Kappa

A New-(er) Plan for Unified Senate

March 21, 1934

After some consideration and review, O.D.K. considers a revised plan
for the all-College Senate. The women of Dickinson were not in favor of
the original plan which called for presidents of sororities to
“automatically receive seats in the Senate,” because that gave an unfair advantage to those already in a position of power.  Instead they hoped that
more un-affiliated women of the campus would be able to be involved.
After a meeting with O.D.K. and the Women’s Senate, it was decided that

Revise! Revise!

February 14, 1935

The Dickinsonian calls for revisions of the all-College Senate plan proposed by Omicron Delta Kappa.

All-College Senate is Organized

May 23, 1935

Representatives from various groups on campus met on Thursday, May 15, at 7:30 in Old West to organize the all-College Senate. The President of Omicron Delta Kappa Whitfield J. Bell spoke at length, explaining the purpose and structure of the new Senate. Copies of the constitution were also distributed among those present and voting for the positions of chairman, secretary, faculty member and the committee on committees of the new Senate took place at the meeting.

Students Support New Governance Plan

April 18, 1935

On Monday March 29, 316 votes were cast by the student body in a response to Omicron Delta Kappa's plan for a reorganized student government association. In favor of the plan were 259 votes, while those opposed only numbered 51 people in the student body. The Dickinsonian reports that "the new plan will go into operation in May at the time of the expiration of the terms of the present senators" and would be able to operate "in full swing with the opening of school next fall."

O.D.K. Presents Revised Plan for all-College Senate

February 28, 1935

The Dickinsonian documents the finalization of Omicron Delta Kappa's plans for an all-College Senate. The plan is published in its completed form in this particualr issue of the Dickinsonian, allowing for "ample time for discussion of its provisions before the plan is formally prsented to the student body as a whole for ratification or rejection." The different articles that the plan addresses are as follows: Name, Objects, Membership, Senate (which contained the most detailed and specific description in O.D.K.'s plan), Student Assembly, Veto, and By-Laws and Amendments.

Omicron Delta Kappa makes plans for the joining of the Senates

January 17, 1935

The January 17, 1935 issue of the Dickinsonian reports that Omicron
Delta Kappa "national honorary society has drafted the general outlines
of the constitution of an all-College Student governing body." The
article reports that O.D.K.'s plan for the senate calls for a strong
central governing body which would weld the functions of all the
present student government activities into a unified control. The new
senate would be comprised of members of the current Men's and Women's
Senates, Interfraternity Council, the Pan-Hellenic Council, the