Greek Life



A group of unidentified Dickinson students organized themselves and produced a pamphlet in hopes of bringing about awareness and stopping violence on campus.  “Its right here; RIGHT HERE ON THIS CAMPUS,” reads the headline on the first page, and is followed by the mission of the article/pamphlet.  Their demands include the investigation and end to all fraternity and sorority related hazing and ritualized violence and the investigation and prosecution of any act of hazing or ritualized violence by the college.  “Hazing has become painfully obvious,” and “detrimental to the social and intelle

Women! Boycott the Quad


In response to a ruling by the Inter-Fraternity Council, women were encouraged to boycott the quad area, which at this time was home to the fraternities.  In their ruling, the IFC stated that it was restricting the "social participation within the Quad to fraternity residents, women and freshmen," thus excluding non-Greek men.  Posters, such as this one, were placed around campus, urging women to boycott the quad due to the IFC's unfair ruling.

Rules for Rushing

September 1919

Alta Kimmel kept in her personal scrapbook a newspaper clipping regarding new rushing rules for the 1919-1920 academic year.  The rules mainly documented special dates and regulations for when rushing events were to take place.