"Personals" - What Now? [Part 5]

May 1924
  • Margaret Saxton, class of 1900, went on to teach modern languages in the Julia Richman High School in NYC.
  • Mary C. Love, later married to a Mr. Collins, was member of the graduate class of 1902. She became a Kentucky lawyer and national executive head of the Chi Omega Fraternity.
  • Laura Harris was a non-graduate of the class of 1908. She married Major E.D. Ellis and agreed to move to Cambridge, MA for two years when he was offered a detail as a student in the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.

World War II Impacts Campus Life

November 8, 1989

Dorothy F. Nagle (Class of 1946) reports in an interview that the departure of male students during World War II had an immense impact on the campus community. After they left, there were no football or basketball games and only a few "intramural attempts." Many of the female students who had boyfriends in the service waited to receive mail, and female students kept track of friends and followed war campaigns.

"Co-Eds Conquer Rivals in Basketball"

February 1924

For the first time in the history of Dickinson College, the Women's Basketball Team (a.k.a. the Co-Eds) played an extensive schedule against other colleges.
They defeated Gettysburg with a score of 31 to 13 and were victors against Lebanon Valley with a score of 42 to 15.
At the time of the publication, the Co-Eds remained to play against Shippensburg Normal School, Temple University and Ursinus. The last of these would be home games played on the floor of Carlisle's Y. W. C. A - which was directed by Ruth Walker.

Girl's Varsity Basketball Team of 1924


In year book, "The Microcosm" for the year of 1924, the ladies of the Girl's Varsity Basketball Team are listeted along with the positions they held on the team. Rose Buckson held a position of a "manager". There were several women who played "forwards" position, including Mary McDermott, Virginia Watts, and Florence Spec. Sara McDermott held a "center" position and Ruth Tietrich was a "side center." The rest, Margaret Paul, Dolly Wertz, and Rose Buckson were the "guards."

Secret marriage at Dickinson during WWII

Fall 1990

In an interview, Christine Crist (Class of 1946) recounts the story of a secret marriage between an "impressive senior" at Dickinson who married Soupy Campbell, a soldier in World War II, the year before her last on campus. She left school without receiving her diploma, and Crist later discovered that she was married and pregnant. Campbell died during the war. To Crist, this story "stands out as a symbol of those years."

Microcosm Women's Athletics


Girls sports were conducted on the intramural plan under the guidance and supervision of the Director of Physical Education for Women at Dickinson College, Miss E Winifred Chapman. Hockey, indoor and outdoor archery, swimming, tennis, basketball, riding and volleyball. Volleyball was newly inroduced as a sport. A playing field was devoted to the girls' use for hockey and archery.  Every woman was required to complete two hours a week from any of the sports. The facilities had greatly improved in the last few years. The Athletic Council, along with Miss Chapman, supervise all sports.

Women's Athletics 1933


In 1933 the Microcosm reported that each female student was required to participate in two hours a week of the intramural sports offered. In the fall the choices were: hockey, outdoor archery, swimming, tennis, and horseback riding; in the winter: swimming, basketball, and indoor archery; and in the spring: tennis, volleyball, swimming, and riding. Miss Winifred E.

Types of Women's Athletics


Women's sports at Dickinson during 1961 fell under 2 categories: varsity or intramural. Varsity sports included hockey and tennis; whereas intramurals held a wider variety: class volleyball, basketball, bowling, sorority basketball and softball.

The hockey team's record under coach Mrs. Barber was 1-6 and the prospects for tennis looked promising. In regards to intramural class sports, seniors took two titles this year: volleyball and basketball.