Panhellenic Council

Changes in Rushing Rules

April 25, 1960

According to the official minutes of Sui Generis, a non-exclusive women's fraternity, the Pan-Hellenic Council established changes to the rush rules for the subsequent semester.  According to the minutes, "There will be free association in South, but no in other eating establishments, riding in cars is OK if two or more sororities are present, double dating with a Freshman and a sorority girl is OK if arranged by the boys, and only one social service project may be advertised on campus."  Pan-Hel also established the length for invitational parties and what food would be served during open

1958: A "Coming Out" Year for Sui Generis


The 1958 Microcosm entry on Sui Generis, a new local sorority established in 1956, noted that the group "formed a close bond of friendship and have made this the 'coming out' year."  The women worked with their faculty advisor, Miss Christian Royer, to create their pin, decorate their new rooms in the basement of Biddle, draw up their constitution, and choose their official colors of dark blue and light blue.  Sui Generis was also became a voting member of the college Pan-Hellenic Council this year.  Like other women's fraternities on campus, Sui Generis supported various campus philanthrop

Goodbye Campus Queens


Instead of presenting campus queens or Varga girls in the features section of the 1952 Microcosm, the staff chose to highlight social events from the year. They chose five events, including Homecoming, the Christmas season (which comprised a Nativity Play and a Doll Dance, among other activities), the Mid-Winter Ball, the Inter-Fraternity Weekend, and the Follies.

Easy-on-my-pocket Week

March 9, 1944

The Dickinsonian reports that the Pan-Hellenic dance, chaired by Ellen Morrow, would be scaled back from previous years. According to the president of the Pan-Hellenic Council, Elinor G. Derr, they would not hire a professional interior decorator and would use records for music. The dance would be  Pan-Hellenic Week's only all-College event.

Pan-Hellenic Council in 1954


In 1954, the women of the Pan-Hellenic Council continued their work toward maintaining good relations among all of the women's fraternities and supervising the rush process, which was deferred to the second semester.  In the fall, they organized two Pan-Hellenic teas, which allowed freshmen women to meet upperclassmen, sponsored the annual Pan-Hellenic Weekend, and sold flowers and Parents' Day and Homecoming.  The members of the Council now receive Pan-Hellenic Keys, to show their affiliation with the organization and to promote good spirit and cooperation among the women's groups.  Shirle

Pan-Hellenic Council in 1953


In 1953 the Dickinson College Pan-Hellenic Council continued its annually-scheduled activities including Rush, the Doll Dance, and Pan-Hellenic weekend, which aimed to promote interfraternity spirit. The officers in 1953 were Marjorie E. Heymann, president and Shirley A. Holland, secretary-treasurer.

Pan-Hellenic Constitution of 1921-22

September 1921

The Pan-Hellenic council was made up of Pi Beta Phi, Chi Omega, and Phi Mu sororities. The constitution, printed in the 1921 student handbook, details its purpose, officers, and regulations on voting and amending the constitution. According to the constitution, the purpose of the Pan-Hellenic council was to:

  • fix the date of pledge day
  • regulate the rules for rushing
  • regulate any other matters of inter-fraternity interest
  • cooperate with college authorities in questions of general college interest

"Greek Brief" 1988


The 1988 "Greek Brief" is an effort to establish a positive understanding of the activities of the ten fraternities and 5 sororities.

Delta Delta Delta: Raised over $700 in Fall 1987 for the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey, PA. Sang Christmas carols to children in Hershey Medical Center.

Letter Thanking Mrs. Slotten

November 5, 1979

Andrea Allen, President of Panhel thanks Martha Slotten, librarian, for her slide show about the history of women at Dickinson. She writes: "Perhaps in another 10 to 20 years someone else will do a history on Dickinson women. I'll be proud to tell them of the wonderful female leaders that are (were) friends here at Dickinson."

Doll Dance 1961

March 17, 1961

Panhellenic Council sponsored a traditional Doll Dance, which required one doll or stuffed animal as admission.  Usually held before Christmas, the event was moved to before Easter because of deferred rushing.  Each pledge class of the five women's fraternities would present a skit at the dance.