Springer, Constance

Portraits of Y.W.C.A. Officers

September 1916

The portraits of Helen Jones, President of the Young Women's Christian Association, and Ethel Schellinger, Vice-president, are included in the 1916-17 student handbook, marking the second consecutive year that portraits of Y.W.C.A officers are included. The secretary position was held by Iva Fisher and Constance Springer held the title as treasurer. Also included on pages 28-33 of the student handbook is the organizations mission statement as well as the full constitution.

Bryn Mawr Fellowship Winner

August 1923

Helen L. Witmer graduated in the year 1919; and set off to the University of Wisconsin, where she obtained her master's degree. There she applied and was awarded the Bryn Mawr Fellowship in social economy, valued at $810 at the time it was bestowed. It was to be used between 1923-1924, after wich she would return to Winsconsin to get her Ph. D.