The Coy-Ed


The image depicts a female Dickinsonian in the 1913 Microcosm. The caption reads "Coy-ed."

A "Lloyd Hall Skirt"


In an article published in The Onion (an alternative paper published by the Sophomore Band), the author refers to female Dickinsonians as "Lloyd Hall Skirts." He goes on to desribe a female student being tricked by a male student.

"The Onion" Teases the the Harman Society, 1908


The Sophomore Band's publication The Onion mocks the Harman Literary Society's publication in 1908. According to the Sophomore Band, the Salmagundi is becoming a rival of The Onion. The writer goes on and congratulates the Harman Literary Society on mock articles he claims were in their paper.

The 1886 Junior Oratorical Contest, A Parody

June 21, 1886

A parody on the Junior Oratorical Contest was written in 1886, and taunts Zatae Longsdorff's participation in it. One of the main features of this "event" is  Zatae singing the opening song, "Wait Till the Clouds Roll By." For the purposes of this parody, her oration is renamed from "Hand Workers vs. Head Workers" to "Head Work Verses Pony Work," and that she is labeled as "Our Pride When Absent." Zatae is finally mentioned in "Dramatis Personae" as stating, "I'm a Co-ed; I want a medal."

I am an Individual Therefore I am Grouped

September 10, 2004

Kathryn Egan, the Women's Center columnist for the Dickinsonian, discusses stereotypes experienced at college in the September 2004 issue of the Dickinsonian. She discusses the stereotypes of sororities, fraternities, those in favor of women's issues, those who attend a private liberal arts college, men and women. Kathryn expresses her disgust with how people stereotype all of these groups, stating that we all individuals, but because of that we have a tendency by others to be grouped.

The Co-Eds Are Speaking in Tongues


"Mysterious Code for Co-Eds" was published in the 1911 Microcosm complaining about the use of words by the co-eds on campus.

Now She's A Young Suffragette!


"Lest We Forget, the Suffragette" is a satirical piece written for the Microcosm about the Women's Suffrage Movement. The piece begins with all of the women are trying to decide which man they will use as an escort for Prayer Day. After much deliberation and defeat, the women then resolve to go to the Prayer Day event together, leaving the men to go alone.

Harman Literary Society "Is Marriage A Failure" Cartoon


A section of the 1907 Microcosm included cartoons of various organizations and the types of fictitious contests they would be involved with. One window of the cartoon depicts the Harman Literary Society in a heated debate over the question of "Is Marriage a Failure."

"Promiscuous Kissing is a Good Thing" Declares the "Harman Literary Society"


A fictitious meeting that the Harman Literary Society had was published in the 1905 Microcosm. The piece completely makes fun of the society, and some of the women involved with it. At their meeting, the women apparently held a debate on whether "Promiscuous Kissing is a Good Thing." One side argued that kissing is "conductive to good health...exercises the kissers" and gives personal experience.

"The Co-ed Will Go or Stay, Just as She Darn Pleases"


The Microcosm satirically writes about a fictitious debate on the question that is to be "resolved that the co-ed must go." The first "speaker" begins by complaining that there are too many co-eds around they are "to the the left of doctors, lawyers, preachers, [and] wives..." and that they need to go. The second "speaker" argues against the first, saying that the co-ed "must be with us always" because college life would be "sad and dreary" without their smiling faces.