"Personals" - What Now? [Part 9]

November 1926
  • Mary Ann Humrich, graduate of 1893, served on a committee in charge of the plans and building of Grace Reformed Church (Shippensburg, PA). The erection of the building cost $100,000. Humrich also served seven years as Recording Secretary of the Civic Club. There she was selected as a delegate to the tri-ennial convention of Women's Federated Clubs.
  • Mary A. Rebert did not graduate with the class of 1895. Married to Willam H. Ford, the couple spent the months of August and July of 1926 in Barrie, Ontario.
  • Annie E. Miles, Dickinson graduate of 1897, became an accountant employed as an auditor in the Income Tax Unit of the Bureau of Internal Revenue in Washington, D. C. She completed and received a degree of LL.B. from George Washington University in 1924, a Master of Laws in 1925, and was admitted to the Delaware Bar in 1926.
  • Laura Harris, class of 1908, married Major E. D. Ellis. After he completed his course at the Army Industrial School, the couple moved to Lansdowne, PA.
  • Lydia M. Gooding, graduate of 1910, went on to do post-graduate work at Columbia University.
  • Helen Burns, class of 1912, married Wilbur H. Norcross. She was elected president of the Carlisle Civic Club in October of 1926.
  • Ruth Eslinger, graduate of 1918, left on July of 1926 to Shanghai, China, where she spent a year with her sister
  • Nora L. Lippi, class of 1921, married Herbert L. Davis. The couple announced the birth of their son George on May 7, 1926.
  • Florence E. Everhart, graduate of 1922, married Charles C. Collins. They announced the birth of their son - Charles Everhart Collins on September 21, 1926.
  • Elizabeth A. Diller, Dickinson graduate of 1922, joined the editorial department of the Haddon Press (Camden, NJ). The Haddon Press was a well known printer of books and magazines.
  • S. Alice Witter, class of 1922, became an English and Latin teacher at the high school in Mt. Holly Springs, PA. Alice married Mervin H. Eppleman.
  • Mary E. Frankenberry and Mary K. Line, both graduates of the class of 1923, toured Europe during the summer of 1926.
  • Helen E. Shaub, class of 1923, became a Latin teacher at the Stevens High School in Lancaster, PA.
  • Flora W. Smiley, class of 1926, became a teacher for all four years taking Latin at the Senior High School in Hollidaysburg, PA, but also taught one class of 2nd-year French.
  • Clearence A. Cover, graduate of 1926, joined the Engineering Bureau of the Pennsylvania State Department of Health.
  • Mary E. McDermott, class of 1926, became a History teacher for the high school located in Kenneth Square, PA. She also coached the basketball team there.
  • Helen Appleby, class of 1926, married John G. Arnold. She became a teacher in New Cumberland.
  • Emma Brenneman, graduate of 1926, married Thomas E. Weaver. She became a teacher in Somerville, NJ.
  • Erma Mae Baird, class of 1926, went on to teach at Kane, PA.
  • Helen Douglass, class of 1926, married Thomas R. Gallagher and went on to teach at the Edison Junior High School located in Harrisburg, PA.
  • Ruth M. Riegel, class of 1926, and married to E. M. Woods, began training for nursing at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital after graduation.
  • Ruth V. Teitrick, graduate of 1926, stayed at Dickinson to conduct graduate work in French.
  • Marian S. Davidson, graduate of 1926, went on to do graduate work at Columbia.
  • Reba L. Skyles, class of 1926, married Graydon H. Harris. After graduation she began taking a commercial course in Altoona.
  • The following women, also graduates of 1926 became teachers: Ruth Chambers (in Jenkintown); Margaret Gress, wife of Henry R. Tatnall (in Carlisle); Elizabeth C. Halbert (in South Fork); Grace E. Lewis, married to James W. Whyte (in Ranklinville); Florence H. Long (in Hanover); Mildred M. McCormick, wife of Roy W. Coxen (in York); Katherine Speck (in Honey Brook); Alma B. Moyer, wife to John B. Sieck ( in Syrma, Del.); Katherine Oberholtzer, married to Richard Hakey (in Orwigsburg); Margaret E. Patterson, wife to Edwin F. Crumbling ( in Burnham); Jane L. Prior, wife of William J. Jaeger (in Sugar Grove); Mary E. Read, married to Andrew M. Smith ( in Atlantic City); Isabel Ward, married to Charles L. Warren ( in State College); Dorothy K. Willits ( in Gap); Susan B. Youngman, wife to Walter W. Hubley ( in Hazelton); Irva E. Zimmerman (in Newport); Myrtle R. Keeney (at Pennsylvania State Capitol);and Sarah Sigmund, wife to David F. Lynch (at Darlington Seminary).


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