Alumni Notes - Class of 1922

May 1927

Helen E. Scott and Raphael E. Rupp were both Dickinson graduates of 1922. They were married on April 9, 1927 at the home of the bride's uncle (Dr. C. W. Moody) in Plainville, CT. The newlyweds moved to Methuen, MA.

Dickinsonians who attended the wedding ceremony included: Albert Berkey (1922); Lillian Mindlin (non-graduate of 1923) - wife to Philip E. Semel; Edith M. Robinson (1922) - wife to E. O. Leslie; and Louise Rupp (1919).

Jane Hagerty (1924) - wife to Kenneth Thorn, was maid of honor. George H. Rupp (1919) - husband to Marie L. Merrill of the same graduating class was best man.

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Dickinson Alumnus May 1927