Womens' Center Journals


A journal taken from the womens center, it contains female Dickinsonians rants, frustrations, and the sharing of stories. Many of the stories have to do with sexual assault or rape and demonstrate how the Women's Center was a safe place for these women to share their stories and try to find some peace.

"It was rape. It was August 6, 1994.... Its over and it happened and I was raped. Sometimes I just want to scream it from the top of a building for every one to hear. Other times I'm ashamed and I feel like everyone must already know. I have been running for 2 years , but I haven't gone anywhere." This woman continues, saying, "Don't feel sorry for me or pity me- please. Jus tbe there for me- Please.... I know I need to talk."

Location of Document in Archives
Womens Center Box 2, Folder 33.