Presidents' Council Minutes: Smoking, Sunbathing, Clothes and Chicks (no, really)

April 11, 1962


During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meeting of April 11, 1962, members of the Dining Room committee decided that women could continue smoking in Morgan and Drayer. In addition, the representatives of Metzger requested permission to wear bathing suits while sunbathing. Additionally, residents were requested not to bring chicks into their dorm rooms and House Directors complained about casual clothes:


  • "Dining Room Committee: It was announced that smoking will be continued at evening meals in Morgan and Drayer. 



  • Metzger Report: Metzger has asked if the girls may wear swin suits to sunbathe. House Council has been advised to discuss the matter with Mrs. Grubb. (approved during April 18th meeting)


  • Annoucements: No chicks should be brought into the dorms as this causes a housecleaning problem. 
  • House directors do not like the idea of casual clothes at Saturday dinner. Girls may use their discretion with kilts but may not wear bermudas".


Location of Document in Archives
RG 8/103 Women's Interdormitory Council, Box 1 Folder 2