Founding of the Black Alumni Association of Dickinson College

August 8, 1979

On August 8, 1979 the Black Alumni Association of Dickinson College sent out its first correspondance to Black alums. The letter begins triumphantly stating, "At last the Black Alumni Association of Dickinson College is a reality!"


Interesting to note is that the majority of the elected officers are women, including; Chairperson, Luci Duckson ('78), Secretary, Patricia Love ('74), Co-Treasurer, Dorothy P. Martin ('73), [Vincent Liser ('74) was the other Co-Treasurer], and Student Liason Officer, Patience Bonner ('82).


Their initial short term goals included "the planning and organization of a major Black Alumni Reunion in the spring of 1980 and the launching of a national fund-raising to establish and award the Malcom X-Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship by September of 1980."


The letter stressed the importance of monetary contributions from group members and informed constituents to look out for a twice yearly newsletter that would inform members of "happenings in the Association and in the lives of the Black alumni."


Those who were in attendance at the initial meeting of the Black Alumni Association on April 7, 1979 were Wanda James ('78), Ken Woodward ('71), Suzanne Woodward ('73), Luci Duckson ('78), Patrick Chang ('72), Vincent Liser ('74), Florie Liser ('73), Dee Cox ('74), Byron Mc Clanahan ('72), Dottie Martin ('73), Tara McCallum ('74), Lloyd Bonner ('71), Braxton Cross ('73), Wanda Thompson ('72), Linda Ellard ('74) and Patricia Love ('74).


Women were definitely an integral part in the establishment of this organization in that 10 women and 6 men were present at the first meeting of the Black Alumni Association of Dickinson College.

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Corinthia Jacobs (not verified)

Wed, 09/30/2009 - 04:14

What happened to the organization, and why does it no longer exist?