"Personals" - What Now? [Part 3]

November 1923
  • Maud Zeamer Keat, class of 1894, became head of the English department in the High School of Orange, NJ.
  • Anna Emrick, class of 1904, went on to teach English in the Flushing High School of NYC.
  • Ruth E. White, class of 1904, became part of the teaching staff for the Evander Child's High School.
  • Ethel Deatrick, class of 1909, was secretary of the Dickinson Alumnae Club of NYC, but later moved to Rutherford, NJ.
  • Clara J. Leaman, class of 1913, "was consecrated and commissioned a missionary of United Luteran Church to India."
  • Francis A. Dunn, class of 1914, went on to go to Dickinson Law School, from which she graduated in 1917. Dunn became a part of the legal department of the Cambria Steel Company , where she stayed for several years, and later opened her own offices for law practice in the U. S. National Bank Building.
  • Rachel Beam, class of 1914, taught at the Commercial High School in
    Brooklyn and became a member of the NYC Biological department.
  • Margaret Craig, class of 1916, became a dietician at the Peck Memorial Hospital in Brooklyn.
  • Helen M. Wehrle, class of 1922, did field missionary work in Tennessee, where she became ill and subject to pneumonia.
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Dickinson Alumnus November 1923