Dickinsonian's Weddings

November 1923
  • Anne E. Hoyer, class of 1926, wed John Paul Rupp, a 1926 graduate from Dickinson School of Law, on Labor Day in Westminister, MD.
  • Mildred Masonheimer, class of 1921, married William J. Long (1920) on August 10, 1923. The newlywed couple moved to Plainfield, NJ.
  • Mariette Holton, class of 1919, married Dr. E. W. Stitzel (1920) on September 26, 1923. Dickinsonians who attended the bridal party include: Ethel Wagg Selby (1915), Ada Bacon (1919), Dorothy Kurtz (1922), and Marion Keighley (1922).
  • Frances J. Worstall wed Max B. Brunstetter, class of 1922 on October 6, 1923. Unfortunately, Worstall did not graduate with her class in the year 1925.
  • Alice J. Grant and Robert W. Crist were married on October 27 of 1923. They were both members of the graduating class of '23. It is interesting to know, however, that Grant did not graduate with the rest of her class as did her husband.
  • Helen Bain Nixon, class of 1922, married Elmore W. Sanderson, Jr. They moved to Newark, NJ.
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Dickinson Alumnus November 1923