"Get Over Whatever Maidenly Modesty"

November 18, 1989

As illustrated by Margaret MacGrefor in her interview she stated that in dormitory life, rules and regulations were implemented and monitored by proctors. Members of the opposite sex were not allowed inside the female dorimitories only in the parlors prior to curfew. When the womens relatives or acquaintances would come to pay them a visit the ladies were allowed to leave with them for the day only upon signing in and out. If you intended on staying out late or leave for the entire weekend special permission was required to be obtained. With the increase of female students, Metzger Hall was soon unable to house all the women and thus they were transported to live in the Phi Delta house which in current day is Stuart hall. Because this dormitory was a mens fraternity house certain characteristics of it were not apt for women. (An example provided by Margaret MacGregor was that the toilet facilities had no doors). The women were therefore forced to "get over whatever maidenly modesty you may have had for the college did not implement any change to accomodate the needs of these female students".

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WWII Oral Histories: Margaret MacGregor