November 1926
  • Anna Margaret Pearson, class of 1920, married William Brubaker, Jr. on September 18, 1926. The wedding took place in Oklahoma City.
  • Amy L. Brobst, class of 1920, married Ernest C. Douglaass in New York City. They took a honey-moon cruise to Bermuda, but made their home in Parkersburg, West Virginia.
  • Florence D. Baker, class of 1917, married Paul Loomis Hutchinson (Dickinson graduate of 1918) on July 15, 1926.
  • Elizabeth Boyd Bratton, class of 1922, was married to Gregg David Reynolds on September 18, 1926. She was given in marriage by her brother, Dickinsonian of 1924.
  • Henrietta G. Bardo, class of 1924, married her Dickinson Sweetheart- William R. Guffick (graduate of 1925). The wedding was held on June 30, 1926 and were attendetd by Elizabeth Bucke (1923) and Norman Wagner (1925). Henrietta went on to take M. A. work at Drew, while her husband worked for his B.D.


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Dickinson Alumnus November 1926