"Homecoming Queen" Candidates Include a Male

October 6, 1972

A photo of Homecoming Queen candidates is posted in the issue of Dickinsonian. Surprisingly a male, Philip Cohen, representing the Women's Group was running as a candidate.
The other candidates were:
-Nancy Wells(Kappa Sigma)
-Phillip Cohen(Women's Group)
-Sherry Allshouse(Adams Hall)
-Brenda Liebowitz(SAE)
-Kate Wilhelm(Phi Delt)
-Susie Martin(Phi Psi)
-Charlene Vees(Phi Ep)
-Connie Pifer(Theta Chi)
-Evelyn Reback(Sigma Chi)
-Sandy Smith(Crow)
-Penney Ross(Beta)

Women's Lib Under Control

March 20, 1972

President Howard L. Rubendall responded to Chauncey M. Depuy's inquiry about the Social Opinion Survey of the Women's Group. According to Rubendall, this survey represents the "first evidence" of the Women's Liberation movement at Dickinson College, but he assures Depuy that "this will have little impact on our campus, which in the main is a campus of serious students getting their parents' money's worth...." Rubendall writes that the campus has been able to adapt to the lives of students while not giving into pressures or demands.

Female Students Infiltrate the All-Male Fraternity Quad

April 9, 1976

According to the April 9th, 1976 Dickinsonian, 21 female students would be moving into the fraternity quad in the fall of 1976. The women are independent, having no greek connection. The women hoped to change the college's current "social scene."

The Office of Student Services Initiated a Trial Program of Gynecological Referral

March 11, 1976

In the middle of the spring 1976 semester, the Office of Student Services initiated a trial program of gynecological referal. The funding for the problem was limited so no services were provided by the school. The goal of this program was rather to find out what services women at Dickinson needed. They hoped to provide such car at the college in the future.

"The First Woman Trainer Makes Dickinson College History"

October 12, 1973

This article from the Dickinsonian announces the hiring of the first female athletic trainer at Dickinson, Shelley Wright. According to the author of the article, Dickinson had been looking for a female athletic trainer for quite some time and was pleased that there was such a smooth transition.

Three Women Hold Office in 1976 Spanish Club

October 19, 1976

The Spanish Club Constitution was written on October 19, 1976. The writers state that the purpose of the group is to
"provide the student with an added insight into the cultures of Spanish speaking peoples through films, speakers, cultural trips, and social means. It will also act as a source of information for students interested in continuing in the study of the language."
The constitution states that membership is open to any student with an interest in Spanish.

Administrators Correspond on "Increasing Social Life Available to Black Students."

August 19, 1970

Lawrence A. Bradshaw, the advisor to the Afro-American Students of Shippensburg State College wrote a letter to Dickinson's Dean of Students, Harold R. Gillespie concerning the limited social life Black students of Shippensburg experienced. In his letter he inquires about the possibility of joint programming for Black students between the two colleges, saying that his students "express a desire to be more fully acquainted with the black students at nearby campuses."

Black Students List


In both the 1970-'71 and '71-'72 academic school years lists of names of Black students at Dickinson were compiled. By whom and for what purpose is unknown.The list for 1970-'71 contains 59 names: 9 seniors, 4 juniors, 26 sophomores, and 20 freshmen.The '71-'72 list shows an enrollment of Black students of 55, without a class-year breakdown.

Women! Boycott the Quad


In response to a ruling by the Inter-Fraternity Council, women were encouraged to boycott the quad area, which at this time was home to the fraternities.  In their ruling, the IFC stated that it was restricting the "social participation within the Quad to fraternity residents, women and freshmen," thus excluding non-Greek men.  Posters, such as this one, were placed around campus, urging women to boycott the quad due to the IFC's unfair ruling.