The Onion reports on the Activities at Lloyd Hall


In the alternative periodaical The Onion, male Dickinsonians reported on the activities at Lloyd Hall (the women's dormitory). In an 1908 issue, the "Lloyd Hall correspondent" reported that, "Mr. Phares, '11 visited Lloyd Hall under peculiar circumstances. The Freshman rang the bell and inquired if ANY of the girls were home. Mrs.

Sex and the College Girl

March 20, 1964

A Dickinsonian reporter summarized the book Sex and the College Girl by Gael Greene. According to the article, entitled "'Sex and the College Girl' Suggests Cult of Cool Coed," discusses Greene's findings. Greene, who interviewed 614 students on 102 campuses, discovered that the breakdown of traditional morality was "making way for a new sex ethic--sex with affection or 'it's right if you're engaged, pinned, lavaliered, going steady or--'in love'..."

Married Students Exchange Ideas

March 13, 1964

An article in The Dickinsonian entitled "Married Students Exchange Ideas at First Group Social" reports that Dickinson students are following the trend of other college campuses by marrying in increasing numbers. In 1964, 20 married students attended classes. Married students at Dickinson formed the first social group, and couples took turns entertaining each other. Many of these students reported academic and social benefits from their marital status.

Safety Pinned

November 22, 1963

In The Dickinsonian, the "Twinings" sections lists couples who have become pinned or engaged. This issue of newspaper also features those who have been "safety pinned." In this case, Darla and Bill Paterson gave birth to Scott William.


October 4, 1963

Under a section entitled "Twinings" in The Dickinsonian, the editorial staff listed campus marriages, engagements, and pinnings.

Statistical Survey Shows Men Spend Money on Women

February 22, 1963

In The Dickinsonian, an article entitled "Statistical Survey Shows Men Spend Money on Women" begins "That it is a man's world every woman sometime or another admits." A senior at the college conducted a survey for a statistics class in which he asked 132 men and 72 women how much money they earned during summer months and how much of it they spent on various expenses througout the schoolyear. Dickinson co-eds, he found, earned less than their male counterparts over the summer. Women, however, spent more for tuition and living expenses than men.

Cupid Hits Target

November 16, 1962

The Dickinsonian staff reported in "Cupid Hits Target" that seven fraternities had announced pinnings. Neil Knowlton of Sigma Alpha Epsilon pinned Carol H. French from the Hague, Holland. Pinning occured when a man gave his pin to a woman in order to indicate publically that they were a romantic item.

Galoshes! and Dating

October 5, 1962

A reprinted article from February 11, 1922 in The Dickinsonian's celebration of the college's 90th anniversary described the "love code" of galoshes, saying that many women at the college indicated their stages of "fastenedness" or "unfastenedness" based upon the number of buckles they left open or closed.
No buckles open = married
One buckle open = I am not looking for a sweetheart
Two buckles open = Engaged to be married
Three buckles open = Not engaged to be married
Four buckles open = Have a sweetheart, but not engaged

Tips from the Top (for Freshmen men)

September 20, 1962

In The Dickinsonian, an article entitled "Tips from the Top" featured interviews with upperclass students who offered some advice for new freshmen. An unidentified sophomore co-ed suggested that "Freshmen men should date upperclass women."

The Many Loves of Thorwald Dockstader

February 9, 1962

Max Shulman writes "The Many Loves of Thorwald Dockstader," a humorous story of a male student's dating escapades, to double as an advertisement for Marlboro cigarettes in The Dickinsonian. Thorwald decides to "take up" girls, and instead of selecting the first girl who comes along, "he sampled." He dates three different girls: an English major who writes a poem for him, a physical education major who exercises with him, and a "non-major" named Totsi who loves to eat.