Life in 1921, As Predicted by the 1896 Microcosm


The 1896 Microcosm tried to predict what the future would be like in 1921, even though these predictions are not without some teasing of the co-eds. Among the "advancements of the college during the past year" apparently the female students will have outnumbered the male students. The essay pokes further fun at the females by declaring, "Who would have dreamed of this twenty-five years ago? Will there be as great advancements during the coming year?" These jibes only continue to get worse against the women, stating that since the first issue of the "Femina Lingua," the college is "pleased to see our lady students taking such an active part in college journalism." The author seemed to feel that women in 1921 would be publishing papers advocating for women's rights. He predicted that their first paper published would be called "Echoes from the Ladies' Hall" and the second would be called "Equal Rights" with the third being the "Femina Lingua."

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1896 Microcosm