Metzger Girls Write Song About Dean Meredith


Included in Marion Bell's scrapbook is a song composed by the Metzger Girls about their Dean, Josephine Meredith:


"We are the girls from old Metzger Hall,

We might as well be within prison walls,

For the "Creep" is always there,

Lurking behind each door and chair,

She never laughs and she never smiles,

She disapproves of us and our styles,

As we girls go screaming by

She utters with a sigh:

"Nice girls don't scream."


In Metzger Hall we ain't got no mice,

Ain't got no bedbugs, ain't got no lice,

We chewed the holes in the cracker box,

And chewed the holes in each girl's socks.

Cockroaches ribble, rats gnaw away,

The "Creep" still thinks it's us anyway,

Of all the bugs in Metzger Hall,

The "Creep" is the worst of all!

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Marion Bell Scrapbook