Women's Extracurricular Activities in "Women at Dickinson College" - by Josephine Brunyate Meredith

circa 1935

In her essay " Women at Dickinson College," Josephine Brunyate Meredith discussed women's extracurricular activities at Dickinson College. Meredith first examined the women's literary societies. She argued that the two women's literary societies were not as well organized as the male literary societies. She wrote that "The Literary Societies, however, provide the only chance for many of the students to learn how to speak and if properly helped by the Faculty many students would work hard and enjoy the work. There are always professors who help the boys but the girls get very little assistance."

Likewise, Meredith argued that women's music programs were largely ignored by the institution. She explained that "A few women always play in the orchestra but they are not particularly urged to." Consequently, women's musical talents are not developed. Meredith hoped to change this by hiring a women's music instructor and women's glee club instructor.

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