President's Council Minutes: Curfews and Late Hours

October 11, 1961

During the Presidents' Council (Women's Interdormitory Council) meeting of October 11, 1961 specifics of womens curfews and the possibilities of taking œlate hours was discussed and debated. Drayer and Biddle Halls put forth dorm specific suggestions:

"Correction to October 4 minutes: When a girl has signed up for two late hours and arrives back at the dorm 19 minutes or less after the first late hour is up, she may take the extra minutes as late minutes rather than take the second late hour.

Drayer Report: Discussion was raised on the possibility of extending the sophomores' Friday night hours to midnight, as their having to be in at 11:30 makes extra work for the housemother. It was decided to table the discussion until the opinion of the McIntire sophomores could be known.

Biddle Report: Questions raised about late hours received the following answers: 1. In an honor dorm signing up for a late hour before 8 p.m. is not a hard and fast rule. A girl may take a late hour after 8 p.m. if the dorm president or secretary is present to sign her slip. 2. Girls may sign up for 1 1/2 late hours as long as they come in on the hour. 3. Seniors may carry over their late hours from first to second semester but may only take 5 late hours during the week in any one semester. Half hour late hours may be taken on week nights, the total not to exceed 5 hours each semester."

Location of Document in Archives
RG 8/103 Women's Interdormitory Council, Box 1 Folder 2