Editorial: "A few small steps do not constitute a revolution"

September 26, 1991

This article by Features Editor Ken Ross comments that œAlthough
the campus itself continues to improve with age, now is the time for ˜real
social change at the College. Ross brings up such issues as the lack of availability
of condoms on campus (except when the Health Center is open), the scarcity of ˜alternative
(alcohol-free) activities on campus and the situation of women on campus. He

"The College promotes ˜Rape Awareness Week and has recently
established a Womens Studies program . . . Yet there is only one ˜official
Womens Studies course being offered this semester and [the] college bookstore,
the only ˜official store on campus, continues to market pornographic
magazines, namely Playboy and Penthouse. Perhaps this last issue
explains why women are violated, ˜raped not only at the College, but across
the nation and throughout the world. Or that the College does not consider
Womens Studies an important field of study, but merely a necessity in todays
politically correct culture."


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Dickinsonian, September 26, 1991, p. 8