Christine Crist leads the 1945 "Student Rebellion"

Fall 1990

In an interview, Christine Crist (Class of 1946) recalls the "big revolution" the students organized in December 1945. Although Dean Josephine Meredith had appointed Crist as a student government representative when she arrived on campus, Crist eventually became dissatisfied with the rules that the Dean of Women imposed on the female students and the "ridiculous authoritarianism that crept in" to the administration. She reports that the college leadership consisted of a "care taker government of three: the Dean of the College, the head of the History Department, and the Dean of Women," or Albert Demeier, Herbert Wing, and Josephine Meredith, respectively. Moreover, students during this period felt that the college had declined academically and that the living conditions became worse. Crist led the student parade but dropped out early to inform the newspaper about the parade.

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World War II Oral History, Crist, Christine