Varga Girls and Petty Girls during World War II

Fall 1990

In a 1990 interview, Christine Crist (Class of 1946) explains the presence of Varga Girls in a yearbook from the World War II period. Artists drew pin-up girls, and Varga girls were "a little bit more classy than Petty Girls." According to Crist, some servicement might hang a calendar of Varga Girls in their tents. The section for Varga Girls in the yearbook probably referred to campus beauties, perhaps selected by the Varga artist himself. The female students were then photographed in evening gowns for the yearbook. Crist says that they "tried to get some celebrity to select from the photos was funny because some people photography better than others and...some of those sections...were really stunning women that I never really paid much attention to." Crist believes that Varga Girls were only selected that one year.

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World War II Oral History, Crist, Christine