Women's Student Government Association of Dickinson College

September 1920

Under the Women's Student Senate, a separate organization from student senate that governed male students, the Women's Student Government Association of Dickinson College sought to "enact and enforce laws in accordance with the agreement between the official administration of Dickinson College and the women students of Dickinson and to transact any business pertaining thereto." This constitution, printed in the student handbook of 1920, included information on membership, meetings, the executive, lesgislative, and judicial departments, dues, amendment rules and by-laws. The senate board was comprised of the following women:

  • Mary Hering-President
  • Agnes Albright-Vice-President
  • Margaret Eslinger-Secretary
  • Anna Place-Treasurer
  • Nora Lippi-President of Honor Court
  • Elizabeth Bratton-Junior-at-large
  • Elizabeth Bucke-Sophomore-at-large
Location of Document in Archives
Student Handbook 1920-21