"Motto" added to the Constitution of the Women's Student Government Association

September 1922

In the 1922 constitution and by-laws of the Women's Student Government Association, printed in the student handbook, is the inclusion of a "motto." The motto, "good morals and good behavior" is a new addition to the constitution since its initial creation in 1921. The rest of the constitution contains information on membership, meetings, the executive, lesgislative, and judicial departments, dues, amendment rules and by-laws. The Women's Student Government Association was led by Elizabeth DeMaris-President; Rose Buckson-Vice-president; Frances Worstall-Treasurer; Geraldine Blair-Junior representative; Anna Bennett-Sophomore representative; Della Reupsch-President of Residence hall, and Elizabeth Armstrong-President of day student branch.

Location of Document in Archives
Student Handbook 1922-23